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  • Specialist in
    Nickel Coating
    Entry level coating to enhance mould life and produce good surface steel slabs / blooms
    Patented TAP-II Coating
    Our premium coating for higher casting speed and longer mould life than Nickel coating
    Used Moulds
    Extend the life of the used moulds with our speciality coatings

Leader in the field of Mould Plate Surface Treatment


Mipalloy Nomura Plating Company LLP is having a facility for Nickel Plating, TAP-II Plating and machining of new mould plates and refurbishing used mould plates.

Both Plating & Machining plants are equipped with state of art modern facility with cutting edge technology.

Mipalloy Nomura Plating Company LLP can offer the following

  • New Continuous Casting Mould Plates with Nickel Coating through Mipalloy
  • New Continuous Casting Mould Plates with TAP-II Coating through Mipalloy
  • Refurbishment of used Continuous Casting Mould Plates and coated with Nickel Coating
  • Refurbishment of used Continuous Casting Mould Plates and coated with TAP-II Coating


Nickel Plating

Mipalloy Nomura Plating Company's Nickel plating has high elongation and corrosion resistance. Therefore, it is suitable for the application where Continuous Casting Mould Plates suffer repeated stress by the heat shock and are subjected to corrosive environment.


Tough Alloy Plating (TAP-II)

  • This patented TAP-II Coating Technology is an innovative new technology solution for the Steel Industry to reduce the cost of Steel production. This plating is our premium offering and currently the established world leading technology in the line of coated moulds.
  • The feature of TAP-II coating is its stable hardness and good wear resistance at high temperatures.
  • TAP-II coating when used in a Continuous Casting Mould Plate, forms a protective oxide layer. This protective film possesses high hardness and low kinetic friction.
  • The grain size does not increase owing to the high re-crystallization temperature.
  • Higher casting speed is possible with TAP-II coated mould plates. The cost of Steel production will be minimised due to the higher casting speed and longer mould life in case of TAP-II coated mould Plates.

Other Specialty Coatings

Apart from Nickel & TAP 2 Coating, Mipalloy Nomura Plating Company offers other type of Specialty coatings to suit specific needs of customers. Please Contact our product specialists to know more.