Who We Are

Mipalloy Nomura Plating Company LLP (MNPCO) is a 50-50 Indian-Japanese Joint Venture Company between Mipalloy, Chennai, India and Nomura Plating Co.Ltd., Japan. The Joint Venture was formed in January 2013 with the aim of developing speciality Coating for Continuous Casting Mould Plates for Steel plants in India.

While Mipalloy is a world-class innovator and fabricator of Copper alloys, Nomura Plating Co.Ltd. is a pioneer of mould plate surface treatment. This collaboration draws upon Mipalloy's vast experience on developing Continuous Casting Mould Plates for Steel Plants, similarly, uses Nomura Plating Co.Ltd. up-to-date technology in manufacturing plated moulds for the Steel Industry.

The core activity of the new Joint Venture Company is:

  • Surface treatment of new Continuous Casting Mould Plates (Slab, Bloom and Beam Blanks)
  • Refurbishment & Re-coating of used Continuous Casting Mould Plates
  • Research & Development on Latest Surface Treatment Process for Continuous Casting Mould Plates

The new Joint Venture Company now brings to the doorstep, Nickel & TAP-II coated Continuous Casting Mould Plates for the Steel industry. Nickel and TAP-II Coated Continuous Casting Mould Plates enhance the working life of Copper alloy mould plates thus bringing down the overall cost of steel production. The lower downtime that the plated moulds ensure, contributes in economical manufacture of difficult steels like stainless Steel and HSLA. The plating processes and machining are carried out in the company within a fully controlled quality assurance system.

Our History