Mipalloy Nomura Plating
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  • Specialist in
    Nickel Coating
    Entry level coating to enhance mould life and produce good surface steel slabs / blooms
    Patented TAP-II Coating
    Our premium coating for higher casting speed and longer mould life than Nickel coating
    Used Moulds
    Extend the life of the used moulds with our speciality coatings

Leader in the field of Mould Plate Surface Treatment

Welcome to Mipalloy Nomura Mipalloy Nomura Plating Company LLP.

Mipalloy Nomura Plating Company LLP (MNPCO) is a leader in the field of mould plate surface treatment. Mipalloy Nomura Plating Company LLP does refurbishment of used Continuous Casting Mould Plates with Nickel & Patented TAP-II Coating for Steel Industry.

Nickel Coating
TAP-II Coating
Other Speciality Coatings